• 2021年9月28日 下午12:33
  • 89 Central Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3N 2H3

Located on a quiet residential street in Fairview, this medium sized building has one, two and three bedroom apartments. This is an excellent location close to schools and shopping and other amenities. Many of the apartments feature laminate flooring and updated bathrooms. There is onsite parking and laundry facilities for tenant use.

For further information or book a showing please contact our showing agent Tony at (902) 293-7491.

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  • 分类 : 公寓出租
  • 单元号 : B
  • 入住时间 : 2021-09-28
  • 租约形式 : 整年租约
  • 卧室 : 1室
  • 卫生间 : 0.5



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